Smart Audit Services by Smart CT

IT systems evolve rapidly over a company’s lifetime. Frequent investments and upgrades in infrastructure and applications make the tasks of maintaining accurate records of equipment and monitoring the state of the technology in use a complicated one. A clear way to guarantee optimal performance of a network is to rely on the expertise of professionals who are equipped with a wealth of knowledge and skills to deal with complex environments. Our IT auditing services will fully examine, analyse and evaluate entire IT infrastructures and systems to identify opportunities for growth, development and potential budget savings. Smart Audit options include:

Why choose Smart CT?

IT surveys, audits and health checks can be complex and time consuming. We offer a cost-effective way of conducting high-quality audits carried out by experienced and certified engineers. This allows you to easily enhance your service offering without the challenge and cost of maintaining resources with the specialised skills and knowledge required for this task.

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Why are IT audits important?

Conducting a thorough IT audit is a vital part of enterprise risk assessment and regulatory compliance. The results of audits also help ensure IT environments are up-to-date, efficient and functioning to the best of their abilities. They provide insights and recommendations required to improve your IT strategies and meet business objectives more effectively.

Audio Visual Surveys and Audits

Surveys & Audits

Ensure your Audio-Visual devices are set up in the most optimal way to get the best out of your technology. We’ll work with you and your team to perform planned audits of your equipment and devices to make sure everything is working as it should be. Our surveys will highlight any anomalies which our technicians will rectify during the auditing process.

Audits and Surveys

Wireless surveys

In recent years, all businesses have witnessed an exponential evolution in the use of wireless networks – hybrid working, bring your own device (BYOD) and the Internet of things (IoT) requirements have significantly driven this growth. These ever-changing environments create unique challenges which have an impact on the performance, access and security of these networks.

Our wireless surveys are comprehensive in nature, designed to thoroughly examine the environment, existing infrastructures, security, common challenges and vision for the future.

Your survey will include a diagnosing of any issues with an existing network, a complete analysis of existing coverage and a review of all services, software and apps, to ensure they run without any issues.

Why are wireless surveys important?

A wireless survey carried out by our highly experienced engineers identifies any possible sources of interference, or obstacles, that could be affecting your Wi-Fi coverage. All aspects of the building and network design are examined, and the type of Internet connection being used at the site is checked. You are then sent a full report outlining any work needed to improve network coverage.

What are the benefits of a wireless survey>

A wireless survey can help you properly plan and implement your wireless network, and the benefits  include:

  • Security – reduces vulnerability caused by unauthorised users with specifically designed guest access
  • Coverage – ensures performance is achieved across the entire defined network area
  • Future-proofing – extends the life of wireless networks by thorough planning
  • Scalability – provides business Wi-Fi that scales effectively to meet fluctuating demands.