Supporting workplace technologies in a disparate retail environment

Supporting workplace technologies in a disparate retail environment


In this case study we investigate the challenges of managing workplace technology in a retail environment and the solutions available to meet the requirements of a fast-growing store network across their European region.


Standardise support model for stores globally
Create cost model to assist budgeting for opening new stores
Improve uptime to store infrastructure and deliver against agreed SLA’s
Remove reliance on centralised internal resource to support to in-store infrastructure


Prior to outsourcing maintenance services to Smart CT, the retail end customer faced challenges in maintaining and repairing business-critical IT infrastructure. In-house management resulted in significant downtime, with store staff sometimes waiting up to ten days for an engineer and spare devices. This downtime not only affected store operations but also had potential implications for revenue continuity.


During the initial scoping phase of the project, it became clear that the information that the retail end customer held about the assets in each store was not as detailed or up to date as it could be. Smart CT therefore suggested an initial audit to ensure that the project began from a firm foundation. Understanding the seasonal peaks of retail and the financial impact for infrastructure downtime during the key trading periods it was also agreed that a health check would be completed each year ahead of this period to pre-empt any potential issues and ensure that records are constantly kept up to date to ensure the smooth operations of the service.

The new maintenance solution designed for them means that 3,000 in-store devices can now be replaced within a range of agreed SLA’s including 4hr and next business day part to site, depending on the criticality of each device, including an engineer to manage the replacement of each device and ensure that the stores can keep running effectively and efficiently at all times. This ensures they can continue to offer a great service to their valued customers, ease the pressure on their in-store colleagues and guarantees that they can optimise revenue generated in store.


Smart CT provided the retail end customer with a dedicated Transition Manager to support the smooth transition of the service from in-house support to an external managed service. The Transition Manager was able to co-ordinate the transfer of equipment from customer into Smart CT FSL’s across Europe to support the on-going maintenance service and ensure that the agreed SLAs could be met.

Key Outcomes

Guaranteed Response Times
Their staff now benefit from a guaranteed response time of four hours or next day, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous business operations
Global Standardisation
They now have a consistent support model across all regions leading to operational efficiencies across the store network
Support Business Growth
The standardised commercial and support model allows them to grow its store network and budget for this in a predictable way to support workplace technology

Results & Benefits

By outsourcing maintenance services to Smart CT, the retail end customer significantly reduced downtime and improved the overall efficiency of its IT infrastructure support. The importance of this workplace support was immediately felt by the in-store teams, and they are now able to get replacement devices within the agreed time-scales ensuring operational efficiencies and ensuring continuity of customer service. As they continue to grow its store footprint throughout Europe and the UK they are now able to budget efficiently for this service using the standardised model created by Smart CT.


This case study highlights the ability of Smart CT to work with its channel partners to design and implement a robust workplace maintenance solution that can add significant value, in differentiating their offer to meet the complex requirements of their customers in the retail industry, and in managing their existing store infrastructure and giving them the foundation to grow their store network across Europe. The success of this project has led to other opportunities within the partnership and acts as a blueprint to managing workplace technology in the retail sector.

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