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Our highly trained engineers are spread throughout Europe enabling successful technology deployments. When you need smart hands in the room, you can trust Smart CT. Our field engineering services include audits, surveys, staging and installations throughout the UK and Europe.

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Customer satisfaction

If you want to work with a smart partner who will underpin and support your IT services, trust Smart CT. We operate transparently and get regular feedback from our customers through three separate surveys; a bi-annual survey, field engineering survey after an engineer has visited a site, and a final survey when a ticket has been closed. A full breakdown of these results are below for you to download.
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Why choose Smart CT?

Smart is having a fleet of highly trained engineers who are in your area. Over 50 engineers employed in all regions of the UK and Ireland.
Staging Facility
Smart is having secure staging and warehouse facilities to ensure enterprises have consistency and control over large scale deployments.
Security Clearance
Smart is having engineers who are security cleared to ensure you and your customers are assured.

A comprehensive approach to enhance your technology deployments

Our enhance services allow you to prepare your customers for technology deployments and ensure technology is installed successfully at scale for networking and workplace technologies. Our enhance services include:

Audits to fully examine, analyse, evaluate and record the entire technology environment to ensure your customers are prepared for technology deployments and changes

Surveys to know where technology shall be installed in preparation for a successful installation

Secure staging to configure and asset track hardware for consistent technology performance

Installations throughout the UK and Europe when you need them. Utilising software you’ll get an electronic report back once completed

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