Outsourcing Spares

Outsourcing Spares

Outsource spare parts & engineering to enhance service levels

Outsource spare parts to enhance service levels

Nothing is constant, and that certainly applies to the recent economic climate in Europe. When your customers need a part to swap out for a failed part they need it rapidly to keep their business connected. When you need an engineer to connect your customers technology, you need an engineer locally, trained and ready to go. Being ready for this results in holding parts in many locations, and our experienced engineers prepared and on hand to assist.

Businesses doing this themselves often find risk to service level adherence, parts out of reach or not available and, engineers with low utilisation.

At Smart CT we provide a service so good, partners never leave and we are ready to acquire your spare parts and transfer engineers, OR, take this problem away from you enabling you to delight your customers through service level performance whilst seeking to maximise your profitability.

Outsource spare parts
to enhance service levels

Shifting from performing maintenance in house to outsourcing needs to be planned so all departments are re-assured of the change. Smart are here to help with its outstanding service level performance for 20 years, operating across over 50 countries globally with a customer satisfaction rating of 9.8 out of 10 customer (1,000+ responses). Smart CT can drive enhanced customers satisfaction, improved service levels and financial performance to protect your brand and offer a simple operating process for urgent parts and engineers to site across Networking, Server & Storage and Workplace technologies.

"I have experienced great service from Smart CT, very friendly and very helpful throughout all my interactions with their team"

Outsource your spares to help with all aspects of your business

Customer satisfaction: Smart is having 25,000 certified spare parts, and knowing which one to send out and having a fleet of trained engineers. Smart CT holds an impressive record of 99% on time delivery over the last 3 years.

Financial performance: Smart CT perform this for 1,000’s of end customers on behalf of IT businesses. This enables us to offer you a lower cost to operate. If you’re struggling to identify your existing cost to operate, try out our Outsourcing Spares Calculator below.

SLA Achievement: Smart is having 95% SLA and then hitting 99%. Using digital technologies to put the right resource, in the right place, at the right time is a critical part of your customers getting the support when they need it. We offer 2 hour, 4 hour and Next Business Day responses throughout Europe 24 x 7 x 365.

Enhanced process: When a ticket arrives from your customer to get an engineer and spare part to their site, you want to be sure you be ready at this critical moment. We offer 24x7x365 Service Desk and with an option to integrate our ticketing system you can be assured we’re ready and part of your team.

Protect your Brand: Skilled engineers and certified spare parts. You can be assured of a high-quality service to protect your brand. If you’re a provider who manage technology services on behalf of your customers, our service can be white labelled giving you the appropriate confidential service.

Outsourcing Spares Calculator

Not sure how much you are spending on spares? We have a free excel calculator that will help you understand the true cost of managing your spares and people yourself. Including how much you are spending on parts, storage, logistics, people costs and overheads.

Download the free spares calculator and find out how much you are really spending.

Why outsource your spares to Smart CT?

1. Focus on supporting your customers

Your employees can spend their time supporting and growing your customer base.

2. Get the technology you need, when you need it

Outsourcing your IT hardware requirements means you can get the technology you need, where and when you need it.

3. Get the skills you need, when you need them

Outsourcing gives you access to a much wider range of skills and knowledge, and far higher levels of resource.

4. Lowering your costs improves your profitability

Not having the expense of recruiting, training, and managing an in-house IT hardware team, can lower costs significantly.

5. Improved security and compliance

A good outsourcer can not only supply you with the right hardware to minimise cyber-risk, but ensure your systems are kept up to date.

Case Studies

Read our latest case studies from global businesses we have helped and gain insight into how our tailored solutions have made a substantial impact on the operations and growth of our customers.
Third Party Maintenance
End of Service Life
Asset management
Manufacturer support

Technology lifecycle services

Third Party Maintenance

Our reliable third-party maintenance services cover many leading IT manufacturers throughout Europe, with the objective of keeping your customers connected. Our Service Desk Analysts have been rated 9.5 out of 10 by customers for communication and are ready for you 24x7x365.

Technology lifecycle services

End of Service Life

Smart CT have a significant stock holding of legacy products and an in-house repair facility which ensures continued support for these products until the customer, rather than the manufacturer, deems the products to be obsolete. You’ll be able to trust that we have the spare part and highly trained engineer ready when you need them.

Technology lifecycle services

Manufacturer Support

We work with the world’s leading IT manufacturers and offer a full suite of smart IT services, all designed to keep you connected and to boost your company’s efficiency and profitability. Our service desk analysts have been rated 9.5 out of 10 by customers for communication and are ready for you 24x7x365.

Technology lifecycle services

Asset Management

Our comprehensive IT asset management services enable you to keep track of your devices no matter where they are located in the world. Our trusted platform allows you to have direct online access and enables reporting, how you want it.

Technology lifecycle services

GoSmart Collection

We offer secure collection and transportation for any IT equipment, anywhere in the UK. If you are planning an office move or relocating hardware, we can supply the expertise to ensure devices are collected and safely delivered to their new location. Security cleared personnel are available.

Technology lifecycle services

Repair Services

With our highly skilled technicians, we can fix your faulty devices, increasing their life. Our experienced engineers are able to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair products down to circuit board level, so EOSL or out of warranty equipment will not necessarily have to be replaced.

Technology lifecycle services

Recycling & WEEE Disposal

Where devices can’t be repaired, they are stripped of all good working components, which are returned to the repair cycle for future use. Our WEEE disposal service helps curb environmental damage and allows technology to be securely and suitably recycled.

Technology lifecycle services


Our highly trained engineers will fully examine, analyse, evaluate and record the entire technology environment to ensure your customers are prepared for technology deployments and changes. Our in-house engineers have been rated 9.7 out of 10 for quality of service.

Technology lifecycle services


Our highly trained engineers will carry out a survey for networking and workplace technology devices in preparation for a successful installation. Our highly trained engineers thoroughly examine the environment, your customers’ requirements, security and more to ensure highly successful technology performance. Our in-house engineers have been rated 9.7 out of 10 for quality of service.

Technology lifecycle services


Our highly trained engineers will ensure technology is suitably configured and asset tracked ready for a successful deployment. This shall then be handed over to our skilled logistics team who can rapidly dispatch technology to site, ready for installation. Our in-house engineers have been rated 9.7 out of 10 for quality of service.

Technology lifecycle services


Our highly trained engineers guarantee a smooth and efficient deployment of your networking or workplace technology. Engineers will have the tools ready for on-site installations throughout the UK and Europe when you need them. Utilising software you’ll get an electronic report back once completed. Our in-house engineers have been rated 9.7 out of 10 for quality of service.

Technology lifecycle


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