Smart CT Cisco Hybrid Model: Optimizing Network Support for Cost Efficiency and Improved Performance

Smart CT Cisco Hybrid Model: Optimizing Network Support for Cost Efficiency and Improved Performance


In the rapidly evolving landscape of telecommunications and internet services, efficient network support is paramount for seamless operations. This case study demonstrates how a Cisco Gold status channel partner, in conjunction with Smart CT, successfully transformed the network support model for a UK client with over 11,000 Cisco devices.


Reduce support costs while improving the quality of service
Enhance fault resolution times for improved operational efficiency.
Establish a support model that combines cost-effectiveness with technical excellence.


The client traditionally relied on direct support from Cisco for their extensive network estate. However, facing the need to reduce costs and enhance fault resolution times, they sought an alternative approach. The client’s challenge was twofold – they aimed to cut costs associated with direct Cisco support and improve the time taken to resolve network issues. This required a strategic shift from their existing support model.


Smart CT proposed a hybrid support model that leveraged the client’s existing base-level (NBD) support contract with Cisco. In this model, Smart CT provided spares and engineering expertise to supplement the support service,
offering an uplifted (4Hr24x7) support tier. The end user maintained access to Cisco TAC and IOS allowing them the same access to technical expertise and software support as they had previously enjoyed but at a fraction of the cost, and with the benefit of the uplifted SLA response times.


The transition to the Smart CT hybrid support  model was executed in November 2020. The implementation involved integrating Smart CT’s spares and engineering services seamlessly with the existing Cisco support structure. The client maintained their base-level contract with Cisco while benefiting from an enhanced support service through Smart CT.

Key Outcomes

Efficiency Gains
The client experienced a more efficient support system, leading to a reduction in operational downtime.
Cost Effective Model
The hybrid support model demonstrated that cost-effectiveness could be achieved without compromising the quality of service.

Results & Benefits

The transition to Smart CT’s hybrid support model yielded substantial advantages for the end user. One of the most significant achievements was the realization of substantial cost savings, with the switch resulting in 30% annual reductions. In addition to financial benefits, the hybrid support model demonstrated its efficacy by successfully addressing approximately 200 incidents since contract on-boarding, showcasing a marked improvement in fault resolution times.

The solution consistently surpassed expectations, achieving a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of over 99% year-on-year, providing the client with a reliable and robust support structure. These positive outcomes not only enhanced operational efficiency for the end user but also contributed to the successful renewal of services on two occasions, underscoring the sustained satisfaction and confidence in Smart CT’s ability to navigate and optimize the complex landscape of network support.


The strategic shift to the Smart CT hybrid support model proved to be a winning solution for the client. It not only addressed their immediate challenges of cost reduction and improved fault resolution times but also established a foundation for continued success in the dynamic telecommunications and internet services landscape.

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