Transforming IT Infrastructure: A Collaborative Approach to Cost Savings and Compliance

Transforming IT Infrastructure: A Collaborative Approach to Cost Savings and Compliance


In this case study, we delve into the collaborative efforts of a National Health Service (NHS) Trust and their IT managed service partner, supported by Smart CT. The focus of this partnership was on addressing cost and service challenges within the NHS Trust’s IT infrastructure.


Reduce costs and improve efficiency
Deliver a high standard of service
Ensure compliance


The primary challenges faced by the NHS trust were related to the need to drive down maintenance costs and the need for a more efficient and compliant infrastructure. While there was a desire to reduce expenses, the goal was not merely to opt for cheaper alternative but to achieve a balance between cost savings and delivering a high standard of service.


The collaborative effort began with a detailed assessment of the existing IT infrastructure. Our Managed Services partner deployed 2 Smart CT engineers to the NHS trust’s sites for familiarization and to gain a comprehensive understanding of the setup. This initial step was crucial in identifying potential areas for improvement and optimization.

Through meticulous auditing, the team identified elements that were not under support and in some cases devices that were covered more than once. By consolidating support for various equipment with a single supplier and centralising the responsibility for the service, the team was able to create a solution that not only delivered a 20% cost saving but also brought the entire estate into compliance from a previously non-compliant state.


Smart CT provided both the partner and the NHS Trust with a dedicated Transition Manager to ensure robust support during the transition phase, ensuring that the NHS trust’s IT team was well-equipped to manage the changes effectively. Through the transition process Smart CT had proactive engagement with Cisco to address compliance issues. Cases were raised, and efforts were made to bring all devices back into a compliant state.

Key Outcomes

Cost Savings
Cost savings of circa 20%, using the Smart CT cost model and removing duplication
Service Desk Integration
Improved service through improved SLA performance and service desk integration
Network Infrastructure
Fully compliant network infrastructure
All SLA’s met to date

Results & Benefits

The collaborative efforts between the NHS trust, our partner and Smart CT resulted in significant cost savings of circa 20%, a fully compliant network infrastructure, and improved service delivery. The transition from a non-compliant to a compliant state was achieved through strategic planning, effective communication, and the seamless service delivery was achieved the integration between service desks through our ServiceNow, our IT Service Management platform (ITSM).


This case study highlights the success of a collaborative approach in addressing complex challenges within the healthcare sector. The partnership between the NHS trust and Ultima Business Solutions not only delivered tangible benefits in terms of cost savings but also ensured a more compliant, efficient, and responsive IT infrastructure to support critical healthcare operations.

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