Transforming Infrastructure Support for a Global Leader in Technology Services

Transforming Infrastructure Support for a Global Leader in Technology Services


In this case study, we review how Smart CT successfully addressed the infrastructure support challenges faced by a global leader in technology services. The partner, with a strong global presence, entrusted Smart CT with the task of renewing two critical contracts in Finland and the Netherlands, both crucial for sustaining their business operations.


Renew the existing support contracts
Improve SLA performance without increasing costs
Deliver against a broad range of SLA's
Seamless Transition of support


The incumbent provider was struggling to meet the diverse set of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) introduced by the client during the renewal process. Frequent breaches of SLAs, coupled with the unavailability of necessary parts meant that trust had been eroded and had resulted in significant downtime, impacting the client’s infrastructure and operations.


Smart CT developed comprehensive cost models to prevent an increase in the channel partner’s costs to deliver services to their end users. The solution involved the implementation of a split service level model, catering to the specific SLA requirements introduced by the client. Additionally, new facilities were established in Finland to support the extended SLA requirements, and strategic logistics planning ensured timely availability of parts across all locations.


The implementation phase involved a meticulous transition program, ensuring a smooth transfer of services. Finland went live on July 1, 2023, with the Netherlands following suit on August 1, 2023. Smart CT’s flexibility and commitment played a pivotal role in meeting the stringent SLAs from day one.

Key Outcomes

Contract Renewal
Successful renewal of contracts in alignment with end-client requirements
Split Level Service Model
Implementation of a split service level model to meet diverse SLA requirements
Cost Savings of circa 20%
Optimized Logistics
Establishment of new FSLs and optimized logistics to support extended SLA's

Results & Benefits

The results were impressive, with all SLAs being consistently achieved since the go-live date in Finland. The Netherlands also experienced a successful transition, and the client’s infrastructure support was significantly improved. Downtime was minimized, and service levels were substantially improved, leading to enhanced operational efficiency


Smart CT’s strategic approach, flexibility, and commitment to meeting the client’s unique challenges resulted in the successful renewal of critical infrastructure support contracts for the channel partner. By addressing the SLA requirements and optimizing service delivery, Smart CT played a crucial role in ensuring the client’s ongoing success in the fast-evolving landscape of technology services.

This case study exemplifies the importance of adapting to evolving client needs, implementing innovative solutions, and delivering tangible results in the ever-changing technology sector.

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