Transforming Operational Performance and Service Delivery for a large UK Bank

Transforming Operational Performance and Service Delivery for a large UK Bank


In the fast-paced and highly regulated banking industry, a robust and reliable network infrastructure is paramount for seamless operations. This case study explores how our global gold partner, supported by Smart CT, collaborated with a prominent UK bank to optimize its network services, emphasizing operational efficiency and improved adherence to service level agreements (SLAs).


Improve service delivery against agreed SLAs
Contract flexibility to cater for changes in the infrastructure estate
Establish a long-term reliable partnership.
Meet existing payment policies.
Minimise costs


The UK bank had previously severed ties with our partner due to cost considerations but returned a year later, recognising the critical need for superior service delivery. The bank was transforming its infrastructure and sought a solution that not only controlled costs but also enhanced the overall quality of services.

The primary challenges faced by the bank included the need to manage costs, improve operational management of its changing estate, and a previous dissatisfaction with the existing service provider. The incumbent supplier had failed to deliver parts to the right locations on time and was unable to meet the agreed SLAs consistently, disrupting operations and hampering the bank’s ability to serve its customers effectively.


In conjunction with Smart CT, our global gold partner proposed a comprehensive solution that addressed both financial and operational concerns. Given the previously successful relationship and high level of confidence in service delivery a 5-year deal was agreed upon, with quarterly billing to accommodate the bank’s required billing model. The contractual terms were structured to allow for both contraction and expansion, with annual reviews to streamline administrative efforts. Payment terms were flexible, allowing a 60-day window from the issue of the invoice, paid in advance. Services were expanded from break-fix maintenance to include logistics and a smart courier service, facilitating the timely delivery of equipment.


The implementation involved a seamless transition of service, with a focus on ensuring minimal disruption to the bank’s daily operations. The network infrastructure was optimized, and additional services such as logistics and smart courier were integrated into the service.

Key Outcomes

Cost Control
Maintained overall costs while dramatically improving service quality
Enhanced SLA Performance
Vastly improved service delivery against agreed SLAs
Flexible Payment Terms
60-day payment in advance with quarterly billing
Expanded Service Offering
Logistics and smart courier services added for efficient equipment delivery
Contract Flexibility
Ability to contract or expand services as needed, with quarterly reports to measure changes and an annual true up

Results & Benefits

The outcomes were transformative. The new partnership maintained costs while ensuring timely and efficient service delivery. Quarterly reports showcased measurable improvements in SLA adherence, and the expanded services, including logistics and smart courier, streamlined operations. In addition, network upgrades in branches were conducted smoothly, with loan devices provided to the bank for temporary use, ensuring uninterrupted service during the transition


The strategic partnership between our global gold partner and the UK bank has proven to be a significant success story, addressing challenges, exceeding expectations, and providing a reliable foundation for the bank’s network infrastructure. The flexibility in payment terms and the diverse set of services offered demonstrate a commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of our valued partner and their end customer. This case study serves as a testament to the effectiveness of collaborative and customer-centric solutions developed between Smart CT and our channel partners in the banking industry.

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