How to edit a contact

How to edit a contact

To edit an existing contact in your portal you will need to head over to the ‘Edit Contact’ section.

  1. From the home screen click the ‘Manage My Account’ drop down button and then click Edit Contact’
  2. You will then be presented with all your contacts in a list
  3. From here you can either search for the contact using the search box which says ‘Keyword Search’ at the top of the page. Or you can manually search for the contact
  4. Once you have found the contact you would like to edit click on their name
  5. You will then be presented with all their contact details which you can edit.
  6. Once you have edited it click the blue ‘Save’ button

You will also be able to edit their roles and disable their logins if you need to. To do this scroll down to the bottom and under where it says ‘Action’ select;

Edit Roles: To edit the contacts roles click this button and then drag whichever ‘Available’ role you would like the contact to have over to the ‘Selected Roles’. Then click ‘Update’

Disable Login: To disable the contacts logins click this button. DO NOT click it if you are editing your own contact details. This will disable your account and you will have to ask an Admin to let you back in

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