Smart CT CEO named as One To Watch in prestigious list of top 50 business leaders

Smart CT CEO named as One To Watch in prestigious list of top 50 business leaders

IT maintenance company Smart CT CEO Andy Morgan has been recognised as One To Watch in a prestigious list of the Top 50 most ambitious business leaders for 2023.

Andy, who led a management buyout of the 21-year-old firm Reading company two years ago, was named in the list created by investment partner LDC – part of Lloyds Banking Group.

Smart CT provides parts and engineers to maintain, install, replace and repair business-critical IT infrastructure on behalf of IT suppliers who support an extensive range of organisations – from household brands to industrial businesses – in need of connected devices including networking, servers and other workplace technologies.

Its more than 90-strong staff team, now including 50 engineers, and more than 25,000 parts stored at more than 40 locations across the UK, Europe and the US, enables it to guarantee delivery of replacement parts, and in many cases an engineer, for 500,000 devices in as little as two hours.

The LDC Top 50 champions the business leaders who are pushing for growth and building successful medium-sized businesses. John Garner, managing partner at LDC, said the leaders featured in the Top 50 are growing their businesses at home and overseas, making a positive contribution to society and driving progress against their sustainability goals.

They hail from every corner of the UK, span every sector of the economy and together employ more than 6,700 people and turn over more than £1.2 billion.

“The Ones to Watch are leaders making great strides and growing their businesses. They are excelling in their industries and making a positive impact on customers and employees, yet still show so much potential for future growth,” he said.

“The stories behind this year’s Ones to Watch really captured our attention and I’d like to congratulate them on their achievements so far. We’ve no doubt that this is only the beginning for each and every one of them.”

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Andy said: “I’m honoured to be included alongside some great business people but the fact I’m on the list is really a credit to the business itself for being successful enough to give me that platform – and a huge credit to all the people at Smart CT who work really hard to make sure the business is in the position and performing at the level that it is. All the acclaim should go to them really.”

He attended a ceremony in Piccadilly, London, and met some of his fellow nominees for the award, which is also supported by The Times. “The main thing about recognition like this is that it is a big help in increase the profile of the company,” he said.

“I feel like that we’ve been quietly successful in the background and never really shouted about ourselves in the past. So, hopefully this increases the profile and makes Smart CT better known and more people will think of using us.”

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