New influx of staff helps Smart CT keep pace with demand from clients embracing the power of data

New influx of staff helps Smart CT keep pace with demand from clients embracing the power of data

IT maintenance company Smart CT has recruited nine new engineers and two operational support staff to keep pace with demand.

The Reading company provides parts and engineers to maintain, install, replace and repair business-critical IT infrastructure on behalf of IT suppliers who support an extensive range of organisations – from household brands to industrial businesses – in need of connected devices including networking, servers and other workplace technologies.

Its more than 90-strong staff team, now including 50 engineers, and more than 25,000 parts stored at more than 40 locations across the UK, Europe and the US, enables it to guarantee delivery of replacement parts, and in many cases an engineer, for 500,000 devices in as little as two hours.

The new engineers will be supporting clients in London, the Thames Valley, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle and Scotland.

CEO Andy Morgan (pictured above) said a new contract bringing in maintenance of 60,000 devices for a mix of retail and hospitality businesses is only one part of the reason for the growth. “We’ve also seen an uptick across the whole business over the past few months so the new engineers are part of us making sure we can maintain our exceptional customer service,” he said.

“We’ve seen our customers switching to faster and more resilient networks, which has meant more equipment and therefore more servicing. We are also seeing those customers wanting to be better connected to their operations and requiring more data and analytics to monitor performance and inform decision-making.”

With more sophisticated monitoring of businesses, especially in the retail and hospitality sector where workplace technologies both promote products and track customer movements within stores to understand their browsing behaviour in order to best position stock or configure store layouts, there is a demand for reliable sources of data, said Mr Morgan.

“I think there’s a natural shift of people outsourcing more of the installation and maintenance of these devices and we have the personnel and expertise to capitalise on that,” he said. “So this demand for more and better data from our customers is seeing the demand on us grow to make sure these monitoring and analytical services are supported.”

In addition, Smart CT has also promoted from within a new project coordinator and operations analyst to take account of a rise in demand for maintenance and install services for end customers seeking to provide more reliable networking environments and workplace technologies.

“It’s all related to the growth in demand for connected devices really and we’ve been implementing similar tools to track customer satisfaction, which has been seeing our highly rated engineers averaging 9.7 out of 10 in their scores,” said Mr Morgan.

“Our customers are making key decisions on the strength of the data they gather about their business and they are relying on us to make sure that data, which is increasingly becoming a key component of their business, is resilient and has its highest possible uptime – and we are delivering that.”

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