Customer Satisfaction

Delivering exceptional customer service

It is extremely important that the service we provide to our customers is of the highest quality. To support this we send three separate surveys; a bi-annual survey, field engineering survey after an engineer has visited a site, and a final survey when a ticket has been closed. A full breakdown of these results are below for you to download.

Customer Satisfaction Scores

Bi-Annual Survey

How likely are you to recommend Smart CT to a friend or colleague?

Field Engineer Survey

How was your overall service?

Closed Ticket Survey

How did we do?

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Our comprehensive surveys

At Smart CT we go the extra mile to deliver exceptional customer service. In addition to sending out bi-annual surveys to gather valuable feedback, we have implemented a proactive approach by dispatching surveys immediately after a field engineer completes a job. We also send a final survey after a ticket is closed to ensure that everything has gone smoothly and enables our customer to provide their feedback.

Bi-Annual Survey

We issue a bi-annual survey to gain a comprehensive understanding of service performance, our service portfolio and satisfaction levels over time. By conducting these surveys twice a year, it enables us to proactively identify areas for improvement and refine our service offerings.

Field Engineering Survey

As soon as an engineer has completed a visit to site, we ask the customers for their immediate feedback. These surveys are essential for assessing on-site service of our engineers and to help us to ensure the success of these projects immediately. Over 1,000 responses were received in the first 4 months.

Closed Ticket Survey

After completing a customer's request, we send a closed ticket survey that allows us to gather feedback on the effectiveness and satisfaction level of the support process. This information is invaluable for us to identify areas where we can improve, refining response times, and enhancing overall customer service quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Continuous improvement

One of our Shared Values is continuous improvement, and your feedback matters. Capturing information through our customer satisfaction surveys, plays a pivotal role in the ongoing improvement of Smart CT and the services we provide. The insights we receive from these surveys are read and considered to help us refine our approach for you and your customers.