The Channel’s Trusted Partner

SCT has grown to become an integral and seamless component of its partners’ service delivery mechanism, successfully providing discrete, nationwide services around the clock; all co-ordinated from a dedicated, purpose-built Incident Management Centre in Berkshire, just west of London.

Through clearly understanding the intricacies of its partners’ business and by engaging in active collaboration, SCT is able to help optimise the end-to-end service propositions of its partners. This is achieved through integrating greater efficiencies and performance gains above and beyond existing operations. During this process, partners typically achieve a significant cost saving of between 40-50%.

SCT’s ability to deliver on its promises is demonstrated through becoming an established and trusted partner of some of the largest global technology solutions and service providers.

Differentiators and Drivers

SCT's partners choose to engage with SCT for many reasons, including:

  • Partners receive real value returns including significant and tangible cost benefits
  • Partners gain substantial operational efficiencies which translate into service excellence and subsequently customer loyalty
  • SCT has an impressive proven track record in delivering an exceptional customer experience resulting in long-term partnership agreements with all of its partners
  • SCT successfully delivers services to a contracts base with an asset value in excess of $2B
  • SCT is committed to providing continued support for EOSL products
  • SCT has a highly secure RMA facility operated by Security Cleared (SC Level) engineers

ISO 9001 Registered

SCT is ISO 9001:2008 certified and utilises this framework to underpin its commitment to service excellence and quality throughout the organisation. SCT’s focus is on creating a culture of continuous improvement and recognises that its employees, values and processes are core to its success.

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ISO 27001 Registered

Due to the nature of SCT’s business, stringent security measures are fundamental throughout all of its operations, from site access right through to the handling of data. In order to demonstrate this, SCT became one of the first UK companies to achieve the latest 27001:2013 accreditation.

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ISO 14001 Registered

SCT is extremely conscious of its impact on the environment and holds the ISO 14001 quality standard for Environmental Management to demonstrate this. From its Lifecycle Management services right through to general daily activities, SCT continually assesses its business, ensuring its environmental policies are embedded within its operations.

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Security and confidentiality

SCT’s security cleared (SC) engineering team holds a vast knowledge-base of expertise across a broad array of manufacturers at the desktop, server, infrastructure, communications and business application levels. Partners regularly utilise SCT’s SC engineering team where a secure clearance level is a mandatory overlay to traditional technical services. From a few ad hoc hours of onsite support at a secure location, through to full project implementation services for data-sensitive and confidential projects, SCT can assist with these niche capabilities.

SCT’s secure data wiping service ensures that all products are handled by SC cleared engineers who follow a strict, step-by-step, security-audited process. This process ensures all data traces are erased from the products, which are subsequently restored back to factory default settings. This allows the part to be reclassified for general use. Upon reclassification, parts which would otherwise be destroyed can be re-utilised either for support purposes, or alternatively recycled and offered for general sale; thus extending the product’s lifecycle.

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