Giving you more flexibility over your equipment

Device as a Service (DaaS)

Smart CT empowers the IT channel by providing a complete hardware and service solution under a single subscription. With our Device as a Service solution, we take care of everything. You'll receive ready-to-use devices in your facilities and offices across the globe.

Enjoy sustainable state-of-the-art IT with full cost control, allowing you to better manage budgets and stay in full control.


Service includes; storage, logistics, RMA, field engineering and full device management utilising customer owned spares. UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. 

Any device, anywhere

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Why DaaS will work for you

For businesses of all sizes, updating all of your organisations devices and hardware every few years involves substantial costs, especially when taking into account the added expenditures for procurement, deployment, training, support, recovery, and asset management.

Device as a Service (DaaS) helps you manage these costs by taking your devices and bundling them with with fulfilment and recovery services. We will take full control of the lifecycle management, leaving you to get on with what matters. Our service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Site surveys and installs
  • Support including hardware replacement
  • Support with or without an engineer
  • A range of devices including; Smart screens, headsets, phones, tablets and more…