Surveys and Auditing

Surveys and Auditing

Network Health Check Services: Systems evolve over a company’s lifetime, isolated investments and upgrades in infrastructure and applications cause systems to become more complex and difficult to manage. A clear way to guarantee optimal performance of a network is to rely on the expertise of professionals who are equipped with a wealth of knowledge and skills to deal with complex environments.  Regular surveys, audits and health checks with documented findings prove instrumental in addressing this, resulting in optimising network performance whilst maximising return on investment.

Smart Audit Standard: SCT’s qualified and experienced engineers undertake a full audit process including location, product ID, serial number, hardware version, software version and firmware level. The output is documented in full and presented back in digital format.

Smart Audit Plus: In addition to the Standard Service, Smart Audit Plus also includes product/port testing, PAT testing, plus observations and recommendations relating to the environment and EOSL products.

Smart Audit Remedial Plus: In addition to Smart Audit Plus, the Remedial Service also includes preventative maintenance actions, filter cleaning, cabinet re-wiring to ensure correct airflow, and recommendations relating to the general network design/configuration.


In recent years, all businesses have witnessed an exponential evolution in the use of wireless networks; mobility and BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) requirements have significantly driven this growth. These ever-changing environments create unique challenges which impact on the performance, access and security of these networks. Common traits found during surveys include: 

  • Wi-Fi solutions designed, installed and added to over several years often fall short of the current demands of high-density wireless over large areas
  • Significant rise in the number of devices requiring access to a wireless network
  • Increased user expectations to access the internet from everywhere
  • Old configurations, channel overlaps, external interferences, poor connectivity to wired network infrastructure, all impact on performance and security of the wireless network 

The key common challenges with planning a wireless network include: 

  • Guest access – enabling simple and secure network access for guests
  • Venue Wi-Fi – enriching the venue experience for each and every visitor

The benefits of a properly planned and implemented wireless network include: 

  • Security – specifically designed guest access reduces vulnerability to unauthorised users
  • Coverage – ensures performance is achieved across the entire defined network area
  • Future proof – extends the life of wireless networks by thorough planning
  • Scalability – business Wi-Fi that scales effectively to meet fluctuating demands 

SCT’s Wireless Surveys are comprehensive in nature, designed to comprehensively account for the environment, existing infrastructures, security, common challenges and vision for the future.