Secure Staging

Partners regularly utilise SCT’s SC engineering team where a security clearance level is a mandatory overlay to traditional technical services.  Features include:

SMART Secure Access: SCT’s dedicated facility is electronically zoned off and restricted at all times. Access authorisation is granted for SC cleared personnel.

SMART Secure Storage: SCT’s storage security incorporates a multi-tiered system accessed only by SC cleared personnel. Stringent processes ensure the integrity of this facility is not breached.

SMART Secure Data Wiping: Built within SCT’s standard RMA process is the erasure of all data traces. This step-by-step and security audited process enables products to be re-classified for general use.

Staging Facilities

SCT’s dedicated staging facility is designed with all the power, environmental control and security requirements expected from such a centre. The facility is effectively a functional extension or bolt on to its partners’ existing capabilities, meeting increased demands and fluctuations which are common place during projects.  From a ‘Complete Outsource’ solution through to a simple ‘Staging Space’ option, SCT’s flexibility is imperative to helping partners maintain its business advantage.

Complete Outsource:  SCT’s qualified and experienced engineers undertake full pre-build, configuration, secure storage, auditing and shipping services. The service is available 24×7 with the option of utilising Security Cleared engineers for data sensitive and confidential projects. This is suitable for partners who are delivering to tight timescales or require the specialised and secure resource of a trusted partner.

Partial Outsource: SCT’s staging team unpack and physically set up and audit the equipment ready for configuration by the partner’s engineer upon arrival.  Upon completion, they re-box and ship to the designated end destination. This saves partners the time and money associated with the lower level operational aspects of staging project and is generally utilised by partners who are short on space or time but still require a hands-on approach to the configuration phase.

Staging Space: This is a ‘space only’ option suitable for partners with limited or no space. All aspects of the project, from delivery and setup through to eventual shipping/collection are arranged by the partner.

Project Services

A centralised hive of activity from the commencement of any project, auditing, asset tagging, design, configuration, soak testing, and reporting of results are all processes required which form an integral part of a project’s success. This ensures any weaknesses or defects are highlighted prior to the implementation phase with an objective to eliminate potential device failures and costly delays to the overall project programme.