Secure Staging

What is staging?

Staging is the process of configuring a substantial amount of IT equipment simultaneously in a centralised facility. Our secure staging ensures that your technology can be rapidly deployed, as it will be promptly despatched and arrive on-site in a plug-and-play condition, ready to use.

So, how does this benefit your business?

Well, by leaving the responsibility of pre-configuring your equipment to our expert, and security check cleared, engineers, your in-house team can focus on more business-critical duties.

This can help boost efficiency and ensure that your technology projects will get up and running swiftly and smoothly. Our secure staging service can also enable you to save time and money, as well as helping you avoid project delays.

Smart CT staging services include:

Secure access

Our dedicated facility is electronically restricted at all times, with access authorisation only granted to SC cleared personnel.

Secure storage

Our storage security incorporates a multi-tiered system accessed only by SC cleared personnel, and stringent processes ensure the integrity of this facility is not breached.

Secure data wiping

Built within Smart CT standard return merchandise authorisation (RMA) process is the erasure of all data traces. This step-by-step and security-audited process enables products to be re-classified for general use.

Secure staging and testing

Access to our staging facilities

Our dedicated staging facility is designed with all the environmental control and security requirements expected from such a centre. This facility effectively provides an extension to your existing capabilities, to meet the increased demands and fluctuations which are commonplace during projects.

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