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Professional recycling and WEEE disposal

Our in-house RMA (return merchandise authorisation) team repairs all returned products, where possible, thus extending their life and helping to reduce their impact on the environment. Any products which are deemed to be beyond economical repair (BER) are disposed of in accordance with best industry practice and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) government legislation.

The recycling process

Smart CT engages with specialist suppliers for the recycling and disposal of WEEE, and other controlled waste, and the restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS). This ensures full compliance with government waste guidelines, including tracking and certification documentation which demonstrates conformity.

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Secure and reliable

Decommissioning, disposal and reverse logistics

Our secure data wiping service ensures that all products are handled by security-cleared engineers who follow a strict security-audited, step-by-step process. This ensures all data traces are erased from decommissioned products. These are subsequently restored back to factory default settings, thus allowing the item to be reclassified for general use. Upon reclassification, equipment which would otherwise be destroyed can be reused for support purposes, or alternatively recycled and offered for general sale, thus extending the product’s life.