Raising a ‘Technical support’ ticket

Raising a ‘Technical support’ ticket

To raise an ‘Technical support’ ticket click the ‘Raise a Case’ link which is located in the banner at the top of your screen. From here select the ‘Technical support’ link.

KEVIN – Please provide a description of what this is typically used for

When filling in the form there are some mandatory fields you will need to fill in. These are all marked with a red asterisk. You will also see the required information on the right hand side under the ‘Submit’ button.


What each sections means

Asset: Select the asset that you would like an engineer to come and look at. This is a drop down box where you can select the asset

Account: Select which account you are requesting this for. This is a drop down where you can select the account.

Primary contact for case updates: Choose which contact you would like to be be the primary contact for this ticket.

Issue title: Include a small description of the fault

Customer reference: KEVIN

Additional modules relevant to the case (usually for RMAs): KEVIN

Software version: The version of the software that the asset is using

What troubleshooting have you already attempted?: Please provide any and all ways you have tried to look into the issue yourself. Simple things like turning it on and off again are still important to know.

When did this problem start to happen?: Please provide a date when this first happened. The specific time does not matter.

Did this problem happen more than once?: Please let us know if this is an issue that has happened before.

Has any hardware/software been changed recently?: Please let us know if the asset has had any hardware or software changes recently.

Is this a new deployment?: KEVIN

Did this device show any other kind of problems before?: Please let us know if the asset had any kind of problems before. This doesn’t necessarily need to be the same issue as you are submitting now.

Were you trying to do something specific on the device when the issue started?: Provide a description on what you were trying to do when the asset started to falter.

Were there any recent changes in software configuration or network environment?: KEVIN

Is there anything else we should know to troubleshoot this issue?: Please let us know if there is anything that would help us to fix the issue for you.

How many users are affected by this problem?: If this issue is affecting any of your users, please select who is, by using the boxes.

Could you please briefly describe the Business Impact this issue has on your operations?: Please let us know how this is affecting your business or operations.

If your call is either outside of Smart CT core business hours (08:00 – 18:00 Mon- Fri) or on a UK Public/Bank Holiday

Then please call us on +44 (0) 808 164 3618 to log or escalate a call.

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